Disclaimer: While this is not an adult site, the images herein are intended for mature audiences.

Camilla from Stuck in the parking LOT

Our Story!
We have been active in the online Stuck community since 1999, starting with the creation of the sticky superheroine  GlueGirl and later we with the creation of a website,  DVD and digitizing for  Stuck Fast Productions.
10 years later, After finishing college with a degree in Graphic Design -Multimedia and learning basic filmmaking techniques, we began to produce our own videos in 2010.  First only brake failure and Pedal pumping, but quickly branched into stuck in glue.  we were the first to incorporate the 2 genres outside of television and movies.

Who we are
Photographer and filmmaker residing in Michigan that specializes in Glamor, fashion, and fetish.  We also run 2 other websites, GWNBSTORE where you can buy videos and Girlswthnobrakes.com with features more mainstream photos and model bios.

What we do!
Stuck-girls.com features Stuck -in -glue and other Stuck related content.  But what is Stuck-in-glue??  It is a general term for the fetish, or  paraphilia of seeing people  (or being) stuck and unable to move as result of a substance that binds. This is deeply Inspired by cartoons where characters would be in goo that holds them in place yet stretches when they pull, only to snap back down.  see  Sticky Situations Tv trope   We also produce films and custom videos. We aspire to achieve a level of realism with storytelling and acting while still capturing the whimsical spirit of this rope. 


As the name implies the primary focus of this site is peple who like to see women stuck and are most often are depicted getting their feet stuck -catring to the foot fetish crowd.

However, we are not only about “stuck girls!”   You can also find content on Dudes, Furries, other body parts, other substances, and even a little bondage.

Jonbenet ButterBuns

Why we are here
Over the years fans of this genre have had several online communities that have since gone away. So,  the idea for this site was to fill that void.  We hope to make this the new community home for not only stuck in glue fans but for all the overlapping genres and interests that go along with it. If you like what you see, we encourage you to register an account and chat on the forums and share pics and vids.  Everyone is welcome as long as you adhere to our community guidelines!  Thanks and enjoy your stay!