Disclaimer: While this is not an adult site, the images here in are intended for mature audiences.

Camilla from Stuck in the parking LOT

Stuck-girls.com features photos videos, and artwork of models and actresses getting their feet suck and  struggling in gooey substances made to look like the cartoon glue. This and similar concepts are under the umbrella term “Stuck in glue”


 “Stuck in glue” is a concept inspired by slapstick cartoon trope where characters get themselves inexplicably stuck in substance that stretches but won‘t give. (.i.e Glue, Tar, slime, taffy, etc).  


To achieve, this we work with beautiful glamor models and actresses in creating high res photo sets and short films. 

On the site, you  see preview photos and short videos of various models acting out the “stuck in glue” scenario.You also can purchase full-length films and photo sets.

Check out the forum for stories and discussion. Use the contact form if you have any questions, or you’d like to request a custom video.   

Other types of images may be found; including  pedal pumping, foot fetish,  damsel in distress, light bondage and more.  

Jonbenet ButterBuns

Our goal is to produce artistic shots with cinematic storytelling with good acting and high production value. Films are shot with multiple camera angles and edited professionally.

Our models and actresses are chosen based on their acting ability and onscreen presence.


We are always looking for new talent, so if you are a professional or aspiring model or actress and located in or near West Michigan, contact us for a shoot!