W00T! GLAD TO SEE SO MANY HAVE SIGNED UP to new stuck community home site! Now if some ya’ll would quit lurking and contribute something. post a message, share a story..anything!

old stories!!

FYI, everyone i am in the process of downlaoding and reposting the stories from the old stuckgirls forum. will take abit as there are so many. thanks all who wrote stories…hope to see lots of new ones on here soon!

Video posting

Fixed the issue with posting youtube vids o the gallery..sort of. the video posting form in the side bar (bottomof the page on mobile) was not fucntioning so i created a link at the top of the gallery page. If you click this link, it wil take you to a seperate form which should not give you an error.


Hey guys (and girls) I am moving stuck-girls to a new webhost this weekend. should make the site run faster and hopefualy gt rid of thsoe pesky server errors when you try to add videos and pics to the gallery. just a headsup this may take the site down for a few hours to a day or two. but not to worry. we’ll be back up in not time!


fixed the forums…i had no idea, but all this time the main forums with all the categories were not visible. should be there now…lets see some POSTS!!

Also it seems that the galery isnt allowing people to post pics or videos. thats no bueno.. . hang tight and i will try to have that solved in the coming weeks.

may time some time to iron out the bugs…but i think if you guys stick with it this will be a great site for our community!

WE are back!

So work has completed on stuck-girls.com! hope you guys find it more usefulthan last time! There is a slight issue currently with our webhost that JUST started after work was complete…you may find at times the page will not load . What bad timing!!…ugh. but i amw orking on it and hope to have it resolved in the next few days. in the mean time if you cant acess the site, just wait a few minutes and try again!